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Breeder of the year 2009 in The cat club Burak


KISHTWAR Himalayans is a small family cattery that are located in Drammen, Norway.
We wish you warmly welcome to our website (N) KISHTWAR HIMALAYANS.

KISHTWAR Himalayans is registered in NRR (FIFe) and we are members in our local cat club Webkatten.

Our feline passion started back in 1983 with a beautiful creme female Persian called Cherie.
She and her son Cesar will always be in our hearts and are still deeply missed!

When meeting our good friend Elisabeth Berg S*Fru Musika`s in 2005,
we completely lost our hearts and soul to the Himalayans adorable and lovely blue eyes and their affectionate and delightful temperament!

Our cattery KISHTWAR Himalayan is founded on excellent lines as:
S*Fru Musika`s, DoubleForgeron, Double Take, Shakirah, Tigeria, OakHeaven, Catley Crue, Sandypaws,
Karabel, Laureden, Grovewood, Alomi, Hadfields, Korsvik and many more.

We sincerely want to say Thank you to all good and honest breeders, that has trusted us with your precious Himalayans.

All our breeding is on PKD by DNA (performed by US DAVIS) negative cats, healthy and well adjusted family cats that freely roam our house.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our lines and pedigrees!

We hope you will enjoy your stay at our website and please feel free to leave a paw print in our Guestbook if you want.

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Ann-Sissel Holter & daughter Siri



Feel free to contact us if you have any enquires.


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